I have to move to our living room where we do have two budgies. If I will be in a zoom or teams call and I talk, they will start talking as well. Currently I am looking for a nice setup to filter out the sounds as good as possible. Software or hardware solution or a combination is fine for me. I know that nvidia offers a free software for any geforce users. (Nvidia RTX Voice) But currently I don't have a nvidia graphics card.

I am willing to spend a couple of dimes for that, so cost doesn't matter. (unless its over 1k euros)

  • What type of mic are you using? If it's a tabletop or built-in to your laptop, then moving the microphone closer to your mouth (and lowering the gain) or using a headset is the simplest way to reduce background noise. You could also look into some kind of acoustic screen.
    – Stuart F
    Commented Jan 28, 2022 at 16:28

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While the budgies won't like my suggestions, you might as it will also solve your problem.

  • Buy them a cage, comfortable enough for staying in it few hours.
  • When making a Zoom meeting, either cover the cage, making them think it's night and going to sleep, or move the cage to a different room where their sounds won't be heard and they won't be able to fly to the living room.
  • Yea they have a pretty nice cage actually with rolls, still I am about to try a different solution :-) Commented Dec 28, 2021 at 13:58

Budgie Buddies Babel Hack:

In active noise cancellation, two microphones are used out of phase to reduce or even eliminate background noise. One microphone is used to pick-up the desirable source (you) and a secondary one is placed to pick-up everything else some distance from you—near the cage, say.

The two mics are then mixed together out-of-phase and the stronger (clean) signal is fed into the video stream.

Before you make a custom set-up, you should investigate ready-made noise cancellation microphones and headsets which have a second microphone built-in. There is specialized equipment available for video conferencing specifically.

The best set-up uses hardware (mics, mixer, and interface) and software to remove ambient background noise—both constant (hum) and intermittent (chirping budgies).

You can purchase "noise-cancellation" software and an interface for a modest budget befitting budgie-busting babel.

Good Luck.

  • The single mic solution sounds doable, especially if it comes with easy to use software, but getting a mixer, two mic's usable for this, cables, etc, sounds pretty involved. Maybe if there is an inexpensive and cheap kit? Commented Jan 13, 2022 at 15:43

Have you tried Krisp (https://krisp.ai)? It's a software solution and they offer 240 minutes of noise cancellation per week for free.


Since your meeting can hear the birds, let the meeting see the birds. Place the cage behind you so they are visible. You can even set up a green screen on the wall so you can be in a tropical jungle.


Have you tried the noise cancellation setting in Microsoft Teams? I've found it works pretty well.

enter image description here

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