So I have a bag where I store my laptop, headphones, swiss army knife and cables on the go, or just hang it around my door handle if I’m home and need something. I recently got a plasma lighter stick with safety lock (requires press + slide motion to expose the points and turn them on). I was wondering if it’s safe to store this in my bag

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I'd put that in a small, rigid container that you can close, just to be sure.

Especially if you sometimes carry more things in there, there's always a small chance of both the slider getting pushed sideways and the button being pressed simultaneously. And even though the chance this happens is small, the consequence would be setting the bag with your laptop on fire and losing it.

enter image description here

You could find something like this, these come in various sizes. If you can't find a perfect match and lighter ends up rattling around inside, you could always add some padding (for example a few bits of silicone cut to size, inserted to sit at the bottom and in the lid).

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