After a while of using a case, the dirt that gets stuck in the case leaves kinda very severe marks on the plastic back of the phone. I have searched everywhere on Google but the results are just how to remove the marks off a case, I want to remove the marks off a phone.

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    – MiG
    Aug 20, 2022 at 14:44

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  • First clean the case with a damp cloth, barely wet with mostly water and a drop of detergent. If any water gets into the device, it may be damaged, so wring the cloth thoroughly before use.

  • If there's still dirt (not scratches), wipe with a cloth barely wet with rubbing alcohol. Again, don't let it get into the device.

  • If scratches are not too deep, remove by rubbing with a fine, mild abrasive. There are various tools for polishing scratched and dirty plastic, such as a kit for a high-speed rotary tool, but first I'd try these polishing compounds found at home:

    • Milk of magnesia, Mg(OH)2 or
    • Toothpaste

    This requires a lot of gentle rubbing with a clean cloth, such as a microfiber cleaning cloth, covered with the compound. Keep polishing until scratches are removed, or the compound dries out, then reapply.

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