We had a house fire a couple of weeks ago and now there is soot all over my blankets, cloth wall hangings, dressers, plastic drawers and even my goo gollies. How do I get it out of washable colored fabric and off wood and plastic without damaging or discoloring it?


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Use mouthwash in your wash, I used it in the bleach cycle. It only takes 2-3 capsful and works wonderfully!

You can also use mouthwash to clean plastic things. I used a Mr.Clean sponge with a mix of mouthwash and water and it cleaned the soot off and took the smell away!
I washed all of our dishes and silverware in the house with mouthwash in the dishwater. For the more stubborn stains I dipped the sponge straight into the mouthwash and it wiped the soot right off and took the smell off.

For my plastic 4 drawer dresser I used the sponge dipped in mouthwash and a smidgeon of Dawn if I needed it. worked great!

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