I have a yoga/exercise mat. But due to tiled flooring, it slips a lot and I find it difficult to do, say, jumping jacks on it.
Any ideas on how to make it stick to the floor?
I tried putting a rug under it. That helps but it still moves.


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I have a tiled floor too. The best thing I've found for mats and rugs so far is Ikea's Stopp Filt product (not the same thing as the one just called Stopp). This stuff is surprisingly grippy, much more than those mesh/net designs.

Since you have to buy way too much for a single yoga mat, you can just fold it in layers till it works. Or put it under other rugs.


Place a wet towel underneath the mat. I use a wet towel on the shower floor to keep from slipping. the grip is rock solid.

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