I'm trying to clean up the house for my elderly mother who's in hospital. The bathroom floor has a slick of black tar-like substance running from the sink out the door to the landing.

Firstly it's definitely not faeces or similar. I believe it probably started as an unknown sticky spillage and was gummied up with a black tarry substance from the bottom of her shoes. I've seen evidence of this elsewhere.

It's difficult to budge as it has dried well in and I don't want to damage the vinyl flooring. Any suggestions as to how to remove it and also what cleaners I should avoid using on vinyl?

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    Test a solvent on a small area at the edge. Feb 24 at 19:52
  • Are you sure the floor hasn't worn away exposing the adhesive or some other layer of material under the tile surface? It's sounds like the exact path a person would walk for 40 years. May 17 at 2:48
  • Solvent-based cleaning products often indicate which kinds of surfaces they clean well. Since this is tile, does leaving a small puddle of water on the floor help? May 17 at 2:50


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