Spending most of its life in my pocket, the headphone jack of my phone frequently gets clogged up with lint. Usually I can tweeze it out, but this time I forgot, and tried to plug in my headphones, compressing the lint right at the bottom of the socket.

I can't tweeze it out, it's too deep, and my headphones won't go in while it's there. What do I do?

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Use a 1/16" drill bit.

  1. Do not put the bit into a drill! Just grip it between your thumb and forefinger.
  2. Press the end lightly into the lint-filled bottom of your headphone jack and spin it clockwise.
  3. Pull the bit gently out; there should be some lint on the tip.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until lint is gone.
  5. Clean jack with alcohol and q-tip or whatever you normally use.

If you don't have a drill bit, a toothpick will work - but the bit does a better job of gripping packed lint.


This can be done quickly and easily with a paper clip and scotch tape:

  1. Flatten out the paperclip.

enter image description here

  1. Tightly wrap scotch tape (with the sticky-side out) around the top part of the paperclip.

enter image description here

  1. Carefully insert the sticky end into the headphone jack.

enter image description here



A straightened paper clip with a little turn at the end generally does the trick.


Use a shopvac and (if you can) set the suction to be very light. Hold it up to the headphone jack and the lint should be pulled out rather quickly.


I just ran in to this but with the added fun of part of a sticker. Safety pin took care of everything quickly and effectively.

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  • @Stan Instead of lint my son got a sticker lodged in my headphone jack. Mar 21, 2017 at 14:26
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Okay, so this page saved my IPad. I dropped my iPad in water and some water went in my headphone jack. This meant that I couldn't hear anything without using headphones. I tried everything, even going as far as using a hairdryer to clean it out. Eventually, I got cotton out of a q-tip and I misread an instruction. See, you weren't meant to pull the cotton out, I did and stuck it in. I put my headphones in and... The cotton went straight in. I didn't have tweezers or anything so I used a flashlight to see how far it went in. I read this guide and I used just a straightened paper clip to remove the cotton. I guess the cotton absorbed the water as it was working again. You've saved my IPad. Thank you.

If you really want an answer: Use a straightened paper clip and a flashlight.

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