Is there any way of taking close up photos with a camera phone?

Are there any life hacks to do that?

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Basically what you need is a small lens to magnify your existing camera lens to take some close up macro. Then hold the lens over your camera lens and viola.

This is what you need:

  1. Extract small lens from old DVD player/burner, a disposable camera or just take apart a cheap laser pointer.

    Old DVD Player In order to take macro pictures you need that lens (in the middle)

  2. Mount your lens either by using some duct tape and Blu-Tack or put it between hair clamp and use tape to secure it from moving.

    use some duct tape to mount your lens directly, use or blue Tack to hold the card mount put that macro lens between hair clamp and used Macgyver's tape to secure it from moving as a macro lens for iPhone, Image credits: Photographs by Zaheer Mohiuddin

  3. Now you can take some awesome close up macro pictures.

    macro bubbles macro euro cent macro sugar macro pictures of trees with HTC macro electronics macro note


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    How does this not flummox the auto-focus?
    – Bob Stein
    Feb 5, 2015 at 18:17

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