Sometimes when I am playing sports or working out, I hurt something and I need an ice pack. Usually, I will use a bag ice of wrapped in a paper towel, but this always leaks after 15-25 minutes. Is there any way to make an ice pack that won't leak?

Edit: A bag of ice leaks through the corners of the bag

  • Are you asking about leaking from inside the bag or condensation from the outside? I've never had a problem with regular ziploc-type bags actually leaking, but the answers given seem to imply that's the issue (and don't really do anything for condensation).
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    Commented Feb 13, 2015 at 15:08

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The best option is to use a frozen sponge inside of a Ziploc bag. This works because when the sponge melts it will use it sponginess to soak up the water and make sure it doesn't leak.

From thekitchn.com

enter image description here

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Agree that investing in a pack is wise.

For future reference though: if you need an ice pack that can easily wrap around or drape over body parts---frozen green peas are the ticket. Leave them in the bag.

Men undergoing vasectomy are often advised to invest in some frozen green peas before the procedure.


If you sport a lot you should invest in a gel-pack or two. They're not expensive. The benefit of gel-packs is that they don't freeze. A frozen block of ice only has a small contact area. The gel-pack has gel which isn't frozen so you can get a much larger contact area by wrapping it around.

If you want to go cheaper you could look at cooling elements you use for a coolbox. They're very cheap but blocks of ice.

And the very very cheap way is using icecube-bags you get in the supermarket.

Keep normal precautions though, never let it touch the skin directly, just like with ice.

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