I recently bought a pretty, secondhand prom dress from a thrift shop. Unfortunately, it is covered in little wrinkles!

It is made out of a silky, polyester fabric, and has little dots of glitter. It has some bigger, on purpose folds, and I don't want those flattened out.

The washing instructions are:

  • Spot clean only by a professional dry cleaner
  • Do not clean entire garment
  • Do not apply heat to garment

This is not the same as How to remove creases from my shirts without ironing?, as my garment cannot be soaked and then chucked in a tumble dryer. Only parts of the dress can be cleaned as mentioned above and there cannot be any heat applied to it - either through an iron or through a tumble dryer.

  • As you've mentioned, it says to only get it cleaned by a professional dry cleaner - they'll also be able to iron it for you as they'll have whatever is necessary to do the job - without heat there isn't a lot that can be done other than soaking the wrinkled areas and hanging it straight.
    – MrPhooky
    Commented Mar 23, 2015 at 13:12

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Steaming wrinkles out works rather well. I would recommend trying to steam it as lightly as possible to ensure you don't damage the dress. Additionally, small hand-held steamers would allow you the opportunity to steam out wrinkles where you want to without affecting the entire dress (to include those intentional folds you mentioned).


Take it with you the next time you take a [hot] shower. Hang it up somewhere, preferably high. As long as it doesn't bother you, don't turn on the fan to let the steam build up. I do this all the time, as I am too lazy to iron things, and it doesn't work well on large wrinkles, just small ones. This should let the on purpose wrinkles stay and the little ones go away.

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