I read a few articles on Google and this Lifehack post on alternatives for Ant/Bug control. How would I properly clean up ant chalk that has been used on hard wood? I previously used latex gloves, a good cloth, water/soap and wiped the floor clean, I then disposed of it safely. Is that the proper procedure to remove Any Chalk from the floor? If not, how do I do it?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this. I couldn't find a suitable forum and other sites require you to sign up and I already had an account here. If this is the wrong forum, close it, or kindly move it.

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You can do what you have been doing with a few alternations:

used latex gloves, a good cloth, water/soap and wiped the floor clean

Some other added methods:

  • Utilize proper ventilation and use masks, so that this dust does not damage your lungs.

  • Use suction, i.e. a vaccuum cleaner with nozzle and proper filter to suck up the bulk. This also can grab the dust in the crevices.

  • Use a brush to loosen any particles that may be residing deeper or just need some friction to be removed. To vacuum while brushing also helps.

  • Change water frequently so that you do not wipe the dust back onto the floor.


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