I recently obtained my drivers license, but have been a plane pilot for a few years. As a student pilot, I learned what to do in the event of a crash landing, an engine fire,... but I have had no equivalent training as a student driver.

What immediate actions should be taken in the event of an accident involving motorized road vehicles?

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  • This is a very vague question. There are numerous options of what you should do based on the circumstances of the accident such as where it occured i.e. freeway, back road, driveway... how severe, single car or multi car, etc. etc. – SUM GUY Apr 12 '15 at 14:40
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    This is probably law & country specific. Try asking at Driving proposal. – kenorb Apr 12 '15 at 22:22

There may be specific laws in your area so they are worth looking up, but in general if you are not on private property you call the police so they can document the accident and take witness statements. You also exchange insurance information so that you can get your vehicles fixed. On private property you notify the owner and they can decide if the police should be involved.

Also, if there are injuries then call your local emergency number, 911 in the states, to get help.

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