I am looking to hang 4x6 photographs on a wall in my room. They will not be in a frame of any sort, just the photo paper. I have about 100 and am going to make a collage. I tried glue dots, but they blew off the wall and all my pictures fell down. I do not want to see the method I use to hang the pictures, only the pictures. Is there a better solution? Thanks!

Edit: My concern is mainly the pictures staying on the wall. (As well as cost because I do have about 100 pictures to hang)

(Note: please do not suggest painters tape, scotch tape, tacs, thumb nails, nails etc)


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If your concern is damage to the wall, you may want to consider a product such as the Command range of picture hanging products from 3M.

These are designed for damage free hanging, they hold strongly and remove cleanly. I have used the hook versions of these, but the picture strips look like they will work for your application.

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