Is there any way to remove tiny red ants from falooda seeds, or urad dal. I have spread the seeds on a paper, but then also they are not going away. How do I get rid of them?

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I'm not sure of the size of a falooda seed, but if the ants are larger then you should be able to shake them through a sieve (or fine colander) to separate them from the ants. Then you have a sieve full of ants, though, which is pretty icky.

Another option, if it's all right to get them wet, is to submerge them in water. I believe the ants will most likely float, and you can skim them off the surface of the water. It may not work 100% the first time, so you may have to then pour out the water and transfer the falooda seeds to another water-filled pot.

After the ants are removed, I recommend keeping your seeds in a sealed container.

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