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What causes faded lines in jeans?

A lot of jeans in different colors I've bought over the last few years got faded lines after washing. The lines appear directly after washing, and also stay when ironed. I've tried most tips I found ...
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How and why I am getting this on my jeans?

I been getting these lines on my jeans and I don’t know why. I wash them and tumble dry them. Is it because of washing or drying? Can I fix it? Seem most of jeans have it.
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Removing Stains Off Denim

I just got my black denim jeans back from the laundry and unfortunately it seems white stains have developed all over then. I've tried washing them out with plain water however that doesn't seem to ...
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how to remove milky smell from mouth and clothes?

Sometimes my friends complained that I smelled like milk. I tried mouth wash with lemon juice and salt but can not get rid of it. Are there any hacks for this?
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