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Hacks regarding the pest control of ants.

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Innocuous solution for wiping away pheromone trails from Pharaoh ants?

I previously asked this on reddit, but got no response. The management of my high-rise apartment building has been working with professional pest controllers for the past few years trying to deal with ...
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How to get rid of the ants without killing them?

I am not sure this question should be in Buddism exchange or this exchange. I do not want to kill the ants. Recently I saw a lot of ants coming to my table on the plain tissues with nothing on it. I ...
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Killing ants: Why cut vinegar / rubbing alcohol with water / dish soap?

I've browsed far and wide for home remedies for an indoor ant problem. Whenever vinegar or rubbing alcohol are mentioned, the instructions always say to cut them with water and sometimes dish soap. ...
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How to get rid of ants

Recently my house has had an ant problem. I'm plugged up the holes I think they're coming in from but I still see them wandering around the house and getting into my food. How do I get rid of them ...
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How to repel ants invading my bottled water?

The last couple of months have seen an invasion of ants in my office building. They are mostly a minor nuisance except that they keep getting into my opened bottled water where they collect on the ...
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