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Hacks related to furniture and other objects in the bedroom, as well as activities that normally take place in the bedroom.

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How can I overcome using the snooze function of my alarm clock? [closed]

Every morning when my alarm clock wakes me up, I need very badly to use the snooze function which turns off the alarm for some minutes and starts it again. This costs me 10-40 minutes every morning... ...
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Waking up in the morning when standard alarms fail

I tend to sleep through alarm clocks. Is there a reliable way to wake myself up in the morning? I've tried setting the alarm to beep, music, talk radio, various volumes, using multiple alarms and so ...
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Sleeping in a noisy environment

I recently moved into a shared house with 3 other roommates (4 if you count the couple as 2 people) on the main floor. It's also close to a busy street. At night the noise sometimes disturbs me. ...
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How to prevent bed movement's noises when having sex?

Little bit of context I've always lived in a house. The same goes for my girlfriend. Now we moved together, but we are living in an apartment. We are not used to some of the noises/closeness that ...
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Tips for getting out of bed quicker in the mornings?

Every night I tell myself, 'well I just stand up and do my morning routine'. My morning routine is efficient and brilliant, it contains a workout, coffee, and always plenty of time to start the day ...
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How to have cross ventilation in a single window room?

I live in a two bedroom house and my room only has one window. The wall adjacent to the door on the left has the single window. Next to the window is a bathroom. The room overlooks the front of the ...
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Compensating for uneven flooring in a house

I moved into a house where the floors are uneven. The whole house is a bit slanted. Without convincing the property management company to hire a repairman, what can be done about this? I have a friend ...
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How to get fitted sheets on bed?

I always have trouble with fitted sheets on bed. One corner always slips off while I'm trying to stretch another on. Any tips?
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