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Hacks related to the storage or usage of cables.

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How do I stop my earphones from getting tangled

I usually keep my phone's earphones in my pocket, or in my bag, and no matter how neatly I try to fold them they always get tangled when I take them out, which irritates me. How would I prevent this ...
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How can I keep cables from falling off of desks when unplugged?

I'm sure that this is a common cable management problem: you have a bunch of cables running up to your desk that when you unplug you don't want to fall off but instead remain in an easily accessible ...
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How do you stop headphone wires from breaking?

Headphones rarely last more than a few years before the wires snap due to the constant movement they have to endure. Is there a way to stop me having to get out the soldering iron, or worse, buy a new ...
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Prevent cables and wires from twisting

My desktop computer has lots of wires behind it. Some wires are tangled. How can I keep these wires from tangling? I don't want to put the cables together & tie them using a string or something ...
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8 votes
3 answers

How can I keep my desktop computer's cables neat?

I have a tower computer case standing on the floor under my desk, with lots of peripherals both below the desk and above the desk. We're talking router, switch, IP telephony adapter, power strips, ...
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removing corrosion on the contacts of an Apple USB-to-Lightning cable

After keeping my iPhone data/charging cable in the car for too long, I have the problem described here which is that the tiny contacts on the "lightning" end of the cable have become corroded, and the ...
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How to strip coating off of wires without a wire stripper

I am getting into robotics, and when I was building something, there were a bunch of wires that were too thin to get stripped by my wire stripper. I also tried sanding down the wire with sandpaper and ...
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How do I stop my cables from getting tangled inside my box?

I've a box of different cables, but they're always get tangled. Any ideas how to store bunch of cables without getting tangled?
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How can I keep a USB mini 2.0 (or other) cable from tearing?

What are some ways to protect the ends of a USB mini 2.0 charging cable (or other thin insulated wire) tearing up? Anytime the electrical outlet is at a height greater than the device it is attached ...
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How to prevent HDMI cable from coming loose

I currently have my laptop hooked up to an LG 22LS4D TV screen which I use for programming. The problem is, whenever the HDMI cable is moved slightly (such as when the curtains behind are opened/...
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