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Hiding furniture from an infrared depth camera

I have a setup where an infrared depth camera is being used to do some (very basic) motion tracking in realtime. This is now generally working very well, but if a performer sits down on a sofa for ...
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A housemate-moving-things-around-in-my-room-to-unnerve-me situation: concealed camera and dummy camera as a way forward?

Two months ago, my housemate started moving things around in my lockless room while I'm at work to unnerve me to get me to leave. It became worse and worse for a week or two until one day the live-in ...
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Massive magnification without a microscope

I need to magnify a tiny organic object (about 2mm x 2mm). I don't have a microscope right now. I would like to see as much detail as possible. I tried the zoom on my cell phone's camera, and it's ...
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How to fix plastic hinges, or prevent them from breaking?

It's all too common that plastic flaps on various devices and storage containers break off. Over time, the thin plastic hinge gets weak from repeated use, and snaps. A common place this seems to ...
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Easy way to Automate scanning 100+ pages of my diary using mobile camera?

I want to digitalize my diary. But larger the stack of pages or paper, the harder it is to take a photo of all of them manually with my camera. Especially I don't have any equipment or hardware to put ...
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