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Questions tagged [cash]

Hacks related to the storage and preservation of coins and paper money. **NOT for hacks related to saving money.**

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2 answers

Wallet that can only hold 2 cards

Most slim wallets are designed to hold cash and 6-7 cards. I need one that only holds 2 cards max, and has no space for cash. Preferably a vertically loading one, so I can insert the card into the ...
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What is the easiest way to "finish off" small residual balances from a prepaid debit card? [closed]

I have two debit cards in my wallet that I'd love to get rid of... sitting on a thick wallet in the car and at the office becomes quite annoying, so I try to minimize what I carry. The problem with ...
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5 answers

How to keep change sorted in my pocket?

I sometimes carry a lot of small coins in my pocket. But I hate the looks I'm given when I throw them all on the counter at a shop and start sorting. I've tried dividing between two pockets: putting ...
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How to determine if US paper money is genuine?

Say I do business with somebody and they pay me with a $100 bill. I want to know if it's real or not. I've already held it up to light to inspect the fibers of the paper, but I want to know if there's ...
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