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Tips and tricks relating to cleaning. Please do not use this tag alone. Use also another tag to identify what it is you are trying to clean.

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How to stop dog from peeing here/prevent stains

Sharing photos here. One photo original One photo showing where the dog pees on the ledge at entrance of the shower. Issue: dog goes into shower to pee on pee pad, then also pees on the ledge causing ...
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Removing chewing gum from car Mat

Today someone stick chewing gum to the floor mat of my car. It look pretty badZ how can I remove it? I m trying to freeze it with ice packs and then remove it but it is not helping
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Tarry substance on vinyl floor

I'm trying to clean up the house for my elderly mother who's in hospital. The bathroom floor has a slick of black tar-like substance running from the sink out the door to the landing. Firstly it's ...
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How to remove a drop of lasagna sauce on the white foam of sneakers / trainers?

I cooked last night and I’ve just realised today I got a drop of lasagna sauce on my trainers / sneakers. I’ve tried removing it using a Dettol wipe, a rag soaked in isopropyl alcohol, and a cotton ...
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Does something remove small oily stains from smooth painted wood surfaces?

Does something remove small oily stains from smooth painted wood surfaces? These are so miniscule that they're only visible form a particular angle with a particular light. They aren't coming off by ...
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Whiteboard marker stain cleanup from textbook

I accidently dropped white board marker on my textbook and unfortunately it landed on its tip. so now there is a big stain on the page. any ideas that how can i remove it. i tried eraser. actually ...
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How to remove washroom tile color from eyeglasses lens?

A number of months ago, my eyeglasses fell onto a washroom tile. Now, due to the impact, some tile color which is white got onto my eyeglasses on the right lens. Some of the color came off. However, I ...
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I have an old Shepherd's lantern made of tin and painted glass. How can I polish/shine the tin?

The lantern is soldered together with lead so I don't believe that can be shined/polished. The tin is my concern and if neither can even be polished I suppose a metal paint can be applied but that's ...
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Remove stains from leather shoe

I recently bought new shoes (leather) and wore them yesterday for the first time and today. I just spotted some dark brown stains at the toecaps of both shoes and I am sure that those weren't there ...
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How to remove the glue stain on shoe sole?

I was applying some super glue to stick back my glue sole. However, some of the glue stained the shoe sole, as shown in the picture below. I have tried using turpentine, but to no avail. Is there any ...
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What is a pet-safe cleaner to use on carpets?

It poured last night and rain leaked from my ceiling and soaked up a portion of my carpeted floor. I've been laying down paper towels and towels to soak up some of the moisture but there is still some ...
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Water marks on my TV

My TV, a 65" Samsung HD 7 series has dripping watermarks on it. How will I fix it? Please help. I tried cleaning with alcohol but the drops are still there.
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How to clean the blade of a handheld pencil sharpener

I have a small handheld pencil sharpener and I detached the blade. I would like to know how to clean/sterilize it without the use of any kind of alcohol.
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