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How to resolve rubber feet coming off a trackball pointing device?

I use a trackball as a computing pointing device (see this Lifehacks SE questions for the model and a couple photographs). The rubber feet on the bottom of the trackball frequently come off during ...
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3 answers

Suggestions on keeping a computer chair from moving or being climbed on?

My 4-year-old son is fairly high-functioning on the autism spectrum and he is a climber. We have been able to mitigate or redirect most of his climbing using various lifehacks, but there remains one ...
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Desk(s) configuration problem

I'm moving to a new house and getting new office furniture. I am a computer programmer and audio engineer. This means that I need multiple computers, large speakers, and 2-4 screens on my desk(s). I ...
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Prevent phone base from being dragged by cord

Suppose I have a desk phone similar to this one: Or maybe one that's even smaller, like this one: When using it, and moving around a bit, getting up from my seat or whatnot - the cord extends (it's ...
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