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Hacks related to doors: maintenance and repairs.

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Slow down door swing in high winds

I live in a travel trailer. I have frequent high winds. Is there a way to prevent my door from flying one way or the other?
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Mechanical timer lock on cupboard door

I'm somewhat of a sweet tooth, so I've been contemplating on getting some sort of mechanical timer lock on the door to my cupboard. The idea is simply that after closing the door of the cupboard with ...
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Adding a temporary door

I host my brother for the weekends sometimes and he sleeps in the basement. There is a doorway by the stairs down to the basement, but there is no door of any kind there. As such, when he's sleeping ...
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How can I pick an old Dexter brass privacy door handle with a sliding latch?

The lock is a couple of tabs that protrude from the door handle ring(part behind knob that is flush against door). You slide the tabs parallel to the floor to lock and unlock. On the knob on the other ...
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Storing wooden doors in shed

We had someone else concrete garage as our storage but they had a water leak from the toilet upstairs and much of our stuff is going spoil, we took off the wooden doors as many people are in the house ...
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DIY door stopper

I have bought several door stops for my door but every door stop passes under the door gap because it is too high. I was wondering whether I could make a door stop myself out of everyday materials/...
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Make a door move gradually?

I saw a gadget somewhere before, but can't find it anymore. One end should be attached to the wall and the other to the door (of a cupboard). It prevents door from moving freely in both directions, it ...
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How to open car door when lock is frozen?

I went to another country by train and I left my car in a parking space at the train station. Yesterday I came back at night and my car was frozen. My car has a manual key system where you have to ...
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Cheapest way to enhance soundproofing for an apartment door?

I have lived in a studio for two months. The door seems quite thin because I can hear every move outside my room very clearly as if there is no door. How can I reduce the noise from outside my door in ...
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Throwing a party when the bathroom door can't be properly closed

I am planning to throw a party at my place. The problem is that the bathroom door is quite difficult to close: the door knob is loose and hence I don't dare pulling it to close the door. Instead I ...
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Keep room door partially open at night, allowing air flow but prevent anyone from entering?

I want to keep my room door partially open so that air can flow easily, but I don't want anyone to enter my room (peeking is fine, just prevent stealing things from my room). How can I achieve this? ...
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How do I remove this lock?

I accidently locked a master lock Street Cuff to our bed's headboard. The funny part is I lost the keys to unlock them. The headboard does not come apart. Any idea to get it off besides using an angle ...
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How can I prevent slugs on my glass sliding doors

Since a few weeks, I got a small slug infestation. Since I have a large, glass sliding door at the back of my house which the snails seem to like, it gets covered in slugtrails and slugexcriments. ...
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Safely Increase Size of Door Bolt? [closed]

I live in an apartment right near the garage of the apartment. Every time someone comes in or out of the garage, the change in air pressure causes my door to slam a bit and it sounds like someone is ...
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How to tell if a door is locked just by looking

There are times when I am running out the door, but I remember that I may have forgotten to lock one of my doors. Nearly 3/4 of the time, I did lock it but I have to waste time going back and checking....
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What can I do when the handle breaks and falls off my screen door?

I have a screen door on my house that has a handle like this: But the handle broke so now it's loose and falls off easily when pulled on. It left about a half inch of square steel shaft: I can order ...
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How to open a door without it creaking?

The obvious answer is to oil it. But until then, is there any way to open it without the terrible creaking sound? Once in a while it has opened quietly. I think putting pressure on certain parts of ...
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How do I open a door that has a chainlock from the outside?

I have a door that has a chain lock, like this: Sometimes, my roomate locks me out with this thing. How can I be able to open it from the outside?
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