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Questions tagged [eggs]

Hacks related the storage and use of eggs.

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How to carry eggs without egg tray or egg carton?

When I don't have an egg tray or egg carton how to carry eggs without breaking them?
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What things can i use to make it a scrambed egg while still in the shell [closed]

I really want to know please? Scrambled eggs are delicious and tasty, I want to eat hard boiled egg too! What can it be taste like if I add the two? Iwant to learn
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Alternative to using an egg [closed]

What else can be used as a substitute to an egg? Example: If I was going to bake a cake and one of the ingredients is to use 1 egg, what can be used if I don't have any eggs?
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10 votes
8 answers

How best to prolong the shelf life of eggs?

I know of the test to check if an egg is still fresh: However, what techniques are there for keeping eggs fresh for longer?
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2 answers

How to dye eggs without food dye?

Easter is coming up and I need to dye eggs (family tradition). I usually use food dye, but I don't have any and I don't want to go out and buy some. I need an alternate way, that won't take long and ...
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Find out if an egg is boiled or not without cracking it

How to find if and egg is not boiled before cracking it. If I have boiled several eggs and after that someone have mixed them with other not boiled eggs, how can I separate them. Of course I don't ...
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How to separate egg yolk from whites?

While being careful, using your fingers etc. doesn't feel like a hack, is there any complete unique way of separating egg yolk from whites? I originally had a real hard time trying to break open the ...
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How to remove a hard boiled egg's shell quickly, by hand, without damaging the egg?

I have a difficult time peeling the shell off a hard-boiled egg by hand without damaging the egg. Peeling the egg also irritating and takes longer than I'd like. I have tried rolling the egg, so the ...
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