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Hacks related to your ability to see physical objects.

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House packing in Texas with no Air conditioner [duplicate]

I am trying to figure out the best way of keeping sweat out of my eyes. I'm spending more time wiping my face because my eyes are burning than getting anything actually packed.
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How can you stop sweat from running into your eyes while at work in 40+ degree Celsius weather?

How can you stop sweat from running into your eyes while at work in 40+ degree Celsius weather? I work at an outdoor mall and must wear a uniform and we are not to alter our wardrobe while on shift! ...
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How to prevent eyestrain when using a smartphone?

I often use my smartphone for prolonged periods of time (reading or drawing) and my vision gets noticeably blurry as a result (I once needed more than an hour to get it back to normal). I've read this ...
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How to reduce eye strain which comes only when watching animations and cartoons?

My eyes hurt sometimes. Though I watch a lot of videos on YouTube like educational, T.V. series, documentaries but I notice my eyes getting strained and tired only when I am watching cartoons, ...
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How to get rid of bug stuck into eyes?

Recently I was coming back home on motorcycle (without helmet) while a bug went into my eyes. Holding and closing my terrible burning left eye I came back home. Using the general technique of tap ...
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How to stop scratching my eyes

I used to be having a eye problem and went to a eye doctor who helped me get drugs to use and new glasses. I was okay and kept improving even after I lost the glasses a year later. Its now 6 years ...
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How can I watch a 3D movie if I already wear glasses

To watch a 3D movie, I need to wear special glasses to create the illusion of depth and create the feel of a 3D scene in the brain. What is the best way for people wearing glasses to watch ...
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How can I put on contact lenses without a mirror?

I sometimes wear soft contact lenses, and I always have to be in front of a mirror to put them in. Being in front of a mirror lets me see the lens on my finger and I can watch the lens as my finger ...
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How to remove dust particles when it accidentally goes into our eyes?

Its really a worst situation when you rub your eyes just because something get into your eyes. It makes me struggle a lot when something goes into my eyes and I really have no idea what to do at that ...
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Eye strain due to fluorescent lights

I lay on the floor when ever I use my phone. I am supposed to receive direct fluorescent tube light on my eyes. Is there any way to blur or fade the light without reducing the intensity of light ?
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What is the best setting on iPad for reading eBooks [closed]

I am an avid reader of eBooks and I do that mostly on an iPad. But there are many people who warn of deterioration of eyesight due to continuous exposure to the screen of an iPad. But I can't give up ...
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How to see better in the dark

I'm sure everyone has experienced going from a well lit room into a dark room, you can barely see a thing so you have to wait for eyes to adjust before moving around, I find especially when getting up ...
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How can I improvise a magnifying glass?

Are there any ways to improvise a magnifying glass with common things you could find at any house? (Or if not, less common things that aren't too rare to find.) For example, in case you have some ...
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Improvised glasses

Sometimes there are things that I need to read quickly, but I don't have my glasses on me. I am farsighted so, obviously, seeing without my glasses is not an option. I have tried using a small desk ...
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How can I improvise sunglasses?

Where I live it's usually cloudy and rainy during the winter, so I rarely have my sunglasses with me. But when the sun does come out after it's been raining (we call this a "sun-break") the glare of ...
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