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Sweaters of the same material with different ironing indication

I have 2 sweaters from different brands. Both are of the same material: 100% merino wool. There is a difference is the heaviness (if I am using the right term). One feels a bit thicker/more tightly ...
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Are there any sure fire ways to soften up cotton?

Not having much luck with a few 100% cotton bandannas. I tried what online sources recommended such as baking soda and vinegar in various combinations of washing and also I dry them in a dryer to ...
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What causes faded lines in jeans?

A lot of jeans in different colors I've bought over the last few years got faded lines after washing. The lines appear directly after washing, and also stay when ironed. I've tried most tips I found ...
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How do I get soot out of my clothes blankets and pillows?

We had a house fire a couple of weeks ago and now there is soot all over my blankets, cloth wall hangings, dressers, plastic drawers and even my goo gollies. How do I get it out of washable colored ...
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How do I properly clean my watch bands?

It's summer again and my watch bands start to stink after a few days wearing them. I have many of them, but I am at a loss in terms of coming up with a good process for properly deep-cleaning them. I ...
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How to remove bonded-printed content from a ripstop fabric?

I was gifted an insulated picnic bag (a bit like this one). The thing is, its rip-stop fabric side has a company logo printed on it... ... and it doesn't just scratch off. How can I remove the ...
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How to cut piece of fabric in a way that won't unravel the rest of the fabric?

I have a piece of fabric that I want to remove: The cloth arrived this way from the factory, looks like a production bug. I didn't try to stitch or anything else with the fabric yet, except initial ...
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Cheap non-toxic hydrophobic (spray) coating for fabrics?

I would like to make my clothes to repel water (with hydrophobic coating?). Any suggestion of not-so-expensive method to achieve this?
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How to fix jeans where the belt loops have pulled out?

Just as the question asks: how do I fix my favorite pair of jeans where a couple of the belt loops have pulled away free from the jeans? They're still attached to the jeans by the top of the loop, but ...
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How to remove blue gel pen ink from cream colored jeans

Can you provide me tips on removing gel pen ink from a very light colored (cream color) pair of jeans. The gel pen ink is from Bic Gelocity (blue color). Many solutions over the internet and also on ...
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How do I keep my cashmere scarf from unraveling?

I just bought a cashmere scarf, which I really like. However, even out of the box, I think it will unravel at the edges. Is there a good way to stop this from happening? Should I just be super careful ...
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What causes these marks on my chinos, and how can I get rid of them?

I have a pair of chinos, which are my most comfortable pair of trousers - the problem is that after the second or third wash, they look like this: Note the white lines, which have formed along more ...
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How do I soften a new set of 400 thread count organic cotton sheets?

I recently purchased a set of 400 thread count organic cotton sheets. They arrived feeling stiff and scratchy. I tried washing them several times, both with detergent and with baking soda, and then ...
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How to make a 100% cotton shirt repel moisture?

I bought a casual 100% cotton button-down shirt the other day from the brand ESP fashion. I live in Bangkok, Thailand and it's crazy hot here at the moment (or any moment), so I figured a white one ...
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Washing face towels

I have acne prone skin so I use a face towel to dry off my face. When it gets dirty I want to wash it on the highest temperature but I don't want to wash it with anything else that can contaminate it (...
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Cutting glasses cloths out of old clothing [closed]

I have old clothes lying around, many of which don't fit me or are too damaged to be worn outside the house. I also keep losing my glasses cloths a lot. So, why not cut up old T-shirts or similar ...
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How do I dry off without a towel [closed]

I have had a "problem" many times were I forget to wash towels. I take a shower and BOOM! I have nothing to dry off with. The worst part is I shower in the bathroom closest to the busiest part of my ...
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How to remove wax from woolen clothes?

During Christmas I managed to drop some wax of a candle onto my woolen pullover. On most other types of cloth, I would just try to remove it by scrubbing it off, but this does not seems like an ...
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Does freezing tights make them more durable? [closed]

Various blog posts and articles suggest that freezing a pair of tights will make them last longer. From a blog named Eclipsed Moon: Put your tights in the freezer. I thought that this was ...
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How to keep mosquitoes from biting through fabric?

What can I do to keep mosquitoes from biting me through fabric? I have two scenarios in mind. Use case 1: I have applied insect repellant to all areas of exposed skin, but mosquitoes keep biting me ...
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How can I clean my car seat which is made of fabric?

I have dirt and stains on my car's seat which is made of fabric. Since the car was a topline one and I don't like non-fabric seats, I'd like to preserve it. How can I clean them cost effectively?
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De-pill the clothes?

Many people, like me, do not like to wear clothes which have small pill-like balls especially on cotton based fabric. I tried plucking the visible pills after a wash, that was very annoying and time ...
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How do I remove dust from fabric lampshades?

Many of my lampshades are made of different types of fabric, which accumulate dust. I've tried wiping them, vacuuming, etc, but I haven't been happy with the results. What can I do?
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