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Questions about cleaning, improvising or controlling the effects of a fan. Electric, mechanical and hand-held.

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How to reduce intensity of air flow from my window AC unit

How to reduce intensity of air flow from my window AC unit in Asia during a curfew / in condo lockdown? I emphasize again: Currently in Asia (so do not think US style) Currently in Curfew/ ...
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Good ventilation for open kitchen in a studio apartment?

I live in a typical studio apartment in US. It has an open kitchen with a range hood but the the range hood only sucks smoke from the stove to the ceiling, i.e., no outside air circulation. This is ...
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Using a floor fan and AC units in circus to cool a room

I have an air conditioning unit hooked into a door on full blast, but it is still hot in the room I am in. I also have a floor fan (~3 ft diameter). I am wondering if it is better to have the fan on (...
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Where should a fan be aimed for maximum cooling of a room with one opening?

In a hot, closed room with just one opening (say, the door), where should a moveable fan be aimed for maximum cooling of the room. What is the science behind it? For example since hot air rises...if ...
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How to avoid answer papers being flappy under a fan?

During my examination time, the answer papers are supposed to flappy due to ceiling fan. I have things to put weight on such as watch, kerchief, extra pens, eraser etc., But is there any other way to ...
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How to have cross ventilation in a single window room?

I live in a two bedroom house and my room only has one window. The wall adjacent to the door on the left has the single window. Next to the window is a bathroom. The room overlooks the front of the ...
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What is the best way to cool off with an oscillating fan without having it blowing directly on me?

I use an oscillating fan to stay cool at work because others like a warmer temperature than I do. I've noticed considerable buffeting when the fan is blowing directly on me. Our office is laid out in ...
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