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Less bulky ratchet strap to tie two hexagonal dumbbells

What kind of tie could I use to tie two dumbbells of roughly the same size ? I tried the typical auto ratchet strap but it's really bulky - I don't like that huge piece of metal hanging on the side. ...
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What can I use to attach bulky things to my keyring?

I want to attach a flat little multitool, a little earplug canister, and a little LED light to my keyring, but their bulk means the keyring won't lie relatively flattish. So I put these bulkier items ...
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3 answers

How can I mount my surge protector using these holes

I've had this surge protector since I was in high school. I looked at the bottom of the surge protector and noticed some holes which I assume are used to mount the surge protector to something. There ...
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Quicker alternative to twisty-tie on a bread bag?

It feels so inefficient that when I want to just get a slice of bread I have to completely untwist the tie on the bread bag, untwist the bag, get the slice out, twist up the bag, wrap the twisty-tie ...
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Suspenders detaching unexpectedly from pants

Due to an increasing waistline I have recently started using suspenders. They work well EXCEPT that I have to attach the clips over the belt loops as the extra cloth makes for a more secure ...
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Defusing hook and loop fastener's dangers to other materials

Hook and loop fasteners (hereafter shortened to velcro) are incredibly handy. But it is also dangerous to other material. Especially outdoor clothing is often found to be adorned with many velcro ...
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