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Questions tagged [fire]

Hacks related to the starting or controlling of fire.

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How to reduce cyanide poisoning in a house fire?

If one is trying to escape from a house fire, one old-time recommendation is to soak a t-shirt in water and breathe through that to help filter out soot and smoke that could cause lung damage. Modern ...
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A better heat & fire resistant suspension hack than the looped elastic fabric I have used here?

A better heat & fire resistant suspension hack than the looped elastic fabric I have used here? Note: Currently in Lockdown in a condo in Asia where corona has surpassed Wuhan Stepping out is not ...
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What is the best way to clean up the spider webs?

In our family house, the spider web is really a kind of a mess. We have tried a lot of things: Brooms aren't good, after a little while the webs are all over it and it takes a while to clean them ...
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Safety pin of fire extinguisher broke, how to make it active in terms of need?

Just as a measure of safety, office have fire extinguishers. But one of its safety pin seems to be broken half the way. Replacing it now itself, being a solution, if I am in middle of a fire, how ...
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How can I prevent the flame of a matchstick going out as I light a barbecue?

I am trying to light a barbeque, but the slight wind keeps putting the flame of the match stick go out as I try to light the paper. How can I prevent this?
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What is the best way to re-dry already seasoned firewood

I have purchased few cubic meters of already seasoned firewood and I have been hapilly burning them in my wood stove. They are stored in my detached, non-heated garage. Over time I realized that more ...
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How do I make a very strong magnifying glass? [closed]

It's getting on to Summer time and with that comes the Sun. I wanted to make a lens or perhaps an array of lenses to focus the Sun's radiation in to one smaller concentrated point which could almost ...
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How to light a match?

A match is usually an easy thing to light. However, if you go camping the way I do the lighter area alway seems to get wet and useless. That is if it isn't worn down anyway. I am talking about the ...
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How to light a candle without a lighter or a match

There are times when I need to light a candle, but I don't have a working lighter and I am out of matches. I need to create a makeshift match (or at least something to produce fire) so I can light the ...
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How to start fire with wet fire wood after it has been raining or snowing

In the winter when there is snow or in the other seasons after it has been raining all the wood on the ground is wet. When I go to the forest or somewhere in the nature and need to make fire it is ...
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Hacked Chanukah Menorahs

Help! I'm stuck in yeshiva, and I need a menorah to light for Chanukah! I didn't bring one from home, and candle lighting is in five minutes -- there's no time to run to a store to buy one, and all of ...
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How can I light the very back of my fire?

My fireplace is quite deep, and I always struggle to light the back of it with a normal length match - I don't like getting sooty hands, and I worry about burning myself. The longer matches are quite ...
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What is the best way to light a hard-to-reach candle wick without burning your finger?

What is the best way to light a candle when the wick is difficult to reach? My candle is similar to the one pictured below (large, glass, with a somewhat enclosed top), and I usually use either ...
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