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Hacks involving the manipulation of grease (Applying, removing, etc.)

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Cleaning greasy valance

The valance sits above the drapes and has not been cleaned in 15 years. These have become quite greasy as shown in the picture. I cannot put them in the laundry as the fabric is stuck and stapled to ...
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Cleaning black grime from bolts and screws after heavy metal workshop?

What are good ways to clean up black stuff & staining from powder coated mild steel items & bolts/ screws, after DIY mods at a Lathe heavy metal workshop? Anything anyone touches without ...
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How do I remove old burnt grease from stainless steel pans?

I'm trying to clean and old stainless steel pan which has burnt grease inside and outside. Ideally, the method used should be functional to clean the outer edges of the pan, therefore something a bit ...
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My clear phone case that I'm not using seems greasy or uncleaned? [closed]

I have a clear phone case that is yellow throughout, which I've grown accustomed to, but one day I saw a clearer phone case and bought it, and left the old one aside. A few days/weeks later I saw my ...
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How to remove burnt grease on an oven shelf?

I have a wire oven shelf (rack) which has some burned-on grease: The shelf is covered with chrome so I cannot put it in my oven when going through the pyrolysis cycle (apparently there would be toxic ...
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