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Hacks related to using, cleaning, and storing headphones and earbuds.

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How do I stop my earphones from getting tangled

I usually keep my phone's earphones in my pocket, or in my bag, and no matter how neatly I try to fold them they always get tangled when I take them out, which irritates me. How would I prevent this ...
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How do I get lint out of a headphone jack?

Spending most of its life in my pocket, the headphone jack of my phone frequently gets clogged up with lint. Usually I can tweeze it out, but this time I forgot, and tried to plug in my headphones, ...
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How can I keep cables from falling off of desks when unplugged?

I'm sure that this is a common cable management problem: you have a bunch of cables running up to your desk that when you unplug you don't want to fall off but instead remain in an easily accessible ...
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How do you stop headphone wires from breaking?

Headphones rarely last more than a few years before the wires snap due to the constant movement they have to endure. Is there a way to stop me having to get out the soldering iron, or worse, buy a new ...
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How to keep track of which earphone is left or right?

Usually the problem with earphones is that you don't know which goes to which ear. Of course there are some small markings (such as L or R), but who wants to read those every time when you want to use ...
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How To Untangle Headphones

I am usually a little lazy and forget to prepare my headphones correctly as said in this question. My tangled headphones look a bit like this: It can take forever to get the headphones reorganized, ...
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How do I stop my ears from getting sweaty/greasy while wearing large headphones?

I use my headphones a lot and after several hours of wearing them, my ears and the skin around them feel greasy and dirty. When used for a very long time, it sometimes causes a burning sensation. I've ...
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How can I increase durability of my headphones?

I would love some tips on how to make headphones connected to my phone last longer while listening to music. The basic issue is that every time I purchase headphones (tried both cheap and expensive ...
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How to clean white, sticky substance on headphone band?

I have 9 months old Motorola Pulse Max Headphones. I used them rarely and always kept them in their original box. yesterday I took them out and noticed a white sticky substance on the handle part. (...
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