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Questions tagged [jewelry]

Hacks related to the cleaning, storage, or use of jewelry.

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I'm looking for ideas for a wedding ring

My fiance is looking to get me a custom wedding ring and she's asking me for ideas. I'm not used to wearing anything on my hands so automatically I'm thinking of getting a titanium ring because it'll ...
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How to remove tarnish from gold plated necklace chain?

I've tried using a polish cloth, but the chain is too fine. I don't want to damage the delicate chain - what should I try?
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How to prevent my silver jewelry from turning black?

I have silver jewelry which is expensive and I am worried because it is turning black I put it in separate box from other jewelry. How to prevent it from turning black? how to clean the black stain ...
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Concealing relatively small objects on my person

I'm not sure this is 100% appropriate for this site since it isn't quite an everyday problem, but here goes. Let's say that I have this special piece of jewelry that I have to show to the doorman of ...
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Way to carry a wedding band on your person when it's not on your finger

I'm searching for ways to carry my wedding ring on my person when I want to remove it from my finger. (The band is an indestructible, smooth, wedding band.) The difficulty is that the band has to ...
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How can I untangle a very fine jewellery chain?

I have a necklace with a very fine chain that has got a knot in it. I'm finding it near impossible to manipulate the knot effectively. Is there some trick or life hack I can use?
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How can I work out my girlfriend's ring size, without asking her or using a ring?

I'm looking for a subtle way to figure out my girlfriend's ring size. The most common advice you can find by Googling is: Take the size from a ring that she already wears Ask her However: She doesn'...
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How do I stop my necklace clasp from moving to the front of my neck?

I have a necklace that has one stone as the pendant. The chain on it keeps turning around my neck until the clasp stops at the front of my neck by the stone. How can I stop this from happening?
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Best way to clean or shine a silver jewelry

What are some cost-effective methods to clean a silver necklace or bracelet using homemade solutions? One method I know is to submerge a jewelry in a salt bath (1 teaspoon of table salt + strips of ...
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How to not lose an oversized ring?

My girlfriend's fingers are becoming slightly thinner with time. Her ring is now a bit too big for her finger. She tried to switch from one finger to another. The two thumbs are too big (and it would ...
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Removing Ring From Finger

Most ring wearers will know how hard it is to remove a very small ring on their finger. Pulling it out hurts a lot and can take forever to remove. Using butter simply doesn't do the trick anymore and ...
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