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Hacks relating to keys: management, storage, retrieval, repair, and identification.

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Finding primary keyboard keys in the dark - alternative to purchasing adhesive dots

In a dimly lit room, I find it challenging to find some commonly used computer keyboard keys, such as F1, F5, -, and *. As such, I was considering purchasing some adhesive stickers with little dots/...
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How to distinguish keys of identical type from each other? [duplicate]

I have a number of bikes. I have found a certain type of bike lock to be optimal. Thus, I have no less than four keys of similar type. The lock manufacturing company changed the design of the key at ...
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What can I use to attach bulky things to my keyring?

I want to attach a flat little multitool, a little earplug canister, and a little LED light to my keyring, but their bulk means the keyring won't lie relatively flattish. So I put these bulkier items ...
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How to easily and cheaply erase a key fob?

I have an old key fob that I want to erase and reprogram to open a lock on our shed. We've had a problem with the neighbor's kids rooting around so we got a lock for the door. The lock came with one ...
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Broken Key in Safe Lock

I have an electronic locked safe that has the back up key broken off in the lock. Now, the easy solution is to use the electronic keypad but the batteries have died and it is unusable. I've tried the ...
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Lost my car keys inside my car. I am definitely unable to find them again despite 5 peoples paid me for a 700 Km ride tomorrow evening

Everything is in the title. the inside of my Toyota Yaris is black and here’s how the key looks like : I think they put the keys in the boot, but there is a 130Kg (250lbs) engine I can’t lift alone (...
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How can I clean my laptop keyboard?

I need to clean my keyboard for my Lenovo laptop. The space of the strokes are very low.
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How to open a lock if key broke into the lock?

If you are in hurry an the key broke into the lock of a door or closet an key maker is not available, then how to deal with such an emergency situation saving the door?
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Tips to find misplaced keys somewhere in my house

Today when I woke up I couldn't find my keys (car + car alarm + house + job + key chain, all together). I know that they should be somewhere around my house or garage, because last night I returned ...
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Fix a broken loop on a car key

My car-key broke off my key-ring. The small loop at bottom right of photo is broken. How can I fashion some method of securely attaching this to a key-ring? Followup to ErinGoBragh's comment: The ...
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What are ways to modify a key for tactile differentiation?

One has many keys on a keyring. The keys are more-or-less identical. Example: How can one modify a key to make it stand out from the others when rifling through them with one's fingers? It is dark ...
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How to prevent keys/keyrings from snagging on clothes

How do I keep split rings used for keeping keys together from snagging on clothes, thereby damaging them? The keyring in the photo above is an extreme example of their ability to destroy clothes: The ...
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Cable lock with lost key

It appears the key to my bike lock broke off my key chain, thus rendering my lock (and to some extent the bike) useless. Is there anything that a cable lock with no key can be useful for? It’s ...
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How do I prevent/fix holes in the front pockets of my jeans?

If you have already seen my other question regarding clothing you may think I look like a bum. But I actually don't and I also don't care what you're thinking. The problem is that I get a hole in the ...
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How to fix stuck laptop keys?

The a and z keys specifically doesn't work most of the time. The v key is also showing the tendency to get jammed too. Sometimes its works , without having to do anything or with enough pressure. I'm ...
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Fixing car key when rubber buttons fall off

I have an old car key and the rubber buttons that push the micro switches have come off. How can I fix this to make the car key usable if I still have the rubber buttons? What about if I don't still ...
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How can I (painlessly) add or remove keys to my key ring?

One of the most excruciating things I have to do is to add or remove some keys from a key ring. I have to dig my way into the crack of the ring with my nails, which really hurts. What else can I do ...
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