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Hacks related to labeling object(s) to make them easily identifiable.

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What's an effective way to label cell phones?

Situation I have a fairly large collection of cell phones that I manage. I'd like an easy way to label the back of each one with its phone number. I realize the phone numbers are easily accessible in ...
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How to attach information to physical objects?

Some objects deserve supplemental information, to be used together with the object. If the information is small, a marker or label is sufficient: one can write "Take with food" on a bottle ...
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How do I keep thermal labels from fading?

I'm using thermal labels as contact information and descriptions on the backs of wood products that I sell. I was thinking, that if I could cover the label, with a clear permanent coating, that it may ...
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I like my computer keyboard but the letters have nearly worn off

My computer keyboard look scruffy and old but works perfectly and is more comfortable to use than others I have owned. It's wireless and part of a set (keyboard, mouse and USB dongle) I don't want to ...
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How can I mark micro SD cards in order to distinguish them?

I am aware of the question How can I organize Micro SD Cards?, but don't want to put them in pill box or other organizer. I want to mark each permanently, so that I can distinguish them - even if a ...
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How to easily keep track of similar looking wires

So my irrigation system has 4 cables which each contain 6 bundled wires. To make things worse, the 6 bundled wires are the same color between the four cables (red, green, blue, yellow, white, black) ...
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How can I label my left and right ear buds? [duplicate]

My ear buds come labeled left and right, but the writing on them is so small I can't read it without a magnifying glass. The ear buds are made of a very hard, shiny, black plastic that resists being ...
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How to label socks

I sometimes need to label socks either a) to distinguish similar socks belonging to different family members (in which case a coloured mark works fine), or b) to be able to return lost property (in ...
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15 answers

How to remove printed labels from the backing easily?

I have just spent the best part of 10 minutes trying to peel away the back of a double sided sticky tape like sticker (specifically a label just printed from a label printer) and I thought that there ...
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How can I organize Micro SD Cards?

I have several Micro SD Cards for my Raspberry Pi. However, they often get mixed up because they are so small: image source Unlike regular SD Cards and Flash Drives, I cannot label them. How can I ...
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How can I keep my desktop computer's cables neat?

I have a tower computer case standing on the floor under my desk, with lots of peripherals both below the desk and above the desk. We're talking router, switch, IP telephony adapter, power strips, ...
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How to put a dishwasher-proof name identifier on a bone china mug?

I've been given a bone china mug I'd like to take to work. Unless it has my name on it, it will get lost among all the other mugs. (I'd like to leave it on my desk and wash it myself, but some people ...
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