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Hacks related to creating, blocking, or otherwise using light.

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How to make room bright with lights

The lights in my room is very dim,and also I think as per my eye condition I see a little less bright One of the reason is the installed light connection don't support much load and working from home, ...
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Keep motion sensor on

Occasionally I need to work at a building with lights controlled by motion sensor. With the recent high energy prices, they have shortened the "lights on" period from 10 minutes to about 3 ...
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Removing blue light from a reading light

I have a reading light whose temperature is very high even on the lowest setting (marketed as 3000K, but feels higher). I want to filter away all of the blue light it emits. My first idea was to get a ...
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How to make LED's diffuse like a fake window

I arranged 4 LED strips to a old laptop display but still the light is not diffusing. I am looking for a cheap setup of LED which will illuminate the entire screen with white light like a LCD ...
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Restore green colouring to Mathmos glitter lamp

Not necessarily an "everyday problem", but something I believe is a valid question. I have a Mathmos glitter lamp which has orange oil-based fluid, and used to have a green-coloured base on ...
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removing/disabling LED lights in kids shoes

Some kids sneakers have built-in LED lights which light up when you walk on them. For various reasons, a person would like to permanently disable the lights. Is there a safe way to do so? Asking ...
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Adjustable height of light fixture

I would like to be able to adjust the height of this grow bulb as my plant gets larger. Can someone give me some ideas? Thanks.
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How to disable our outdoor motion light?

I live in a house with a roommate and one door that leads in and out of the house. My roommate recently installed a motion activated led flood light near the door so they could see outside at night ...
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How to make UV light visible

Twice after being skiing with my goggles I had burning eyes. I've researched about goggles but I'm not sure whether they in general have UV protection, and in particular if mine have. Is there an ...
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How can I increase the size of the projection from my projection clock?

I have the "Mpow Projection Alarm Clock" ( and although in the example image the time projected on the ceiling is gigantic, in reality it's only about 7 inches (18cm). It's ...
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How to reduce eye strain which comes only when watching animations and cartoons?

My eyes hurt sometimes. Though I watch a lot of videos on YouTube like educational, T.V. series, documentaries but I notice my eyes getting strained and tired only when I am watching cartoons, ...
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Laptop screen brightness irritates me at night

When I am using my laptop at night, the laptop light irritates me, despite the fact that my laptop brightness is normal. Please tell me how to overcome this problem.
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How to avoid getting car light directly in eyes when on bike without using polarized glasses?

When I come back from university, mostly it is late night. I am on bike and when I enter an area where there is no road light and having darkness every where. When a car came in front of me then it ...
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What are some good strategies for dealing with the end of daylight saving time?

It's that time of year again! I always struggle with the end of daylight saving time, when we have to shift our clocks back and suddenly it is dark all the time before I even leave work. I find it ...
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Lifehack to remove GU10 lightbulbs from light fixture?

I am trying to remove GU10 lightbulbs from a light fixture. The fixture makes it very difficult to grip the edges of each bulb (only about 3-4mm clearance). Is there a lifehack to remove GU10 ...
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Can RGB lights (on blue) help with concentration and focus?

If the basis of f.lux and copycat programs is that blue light keeps you awake, then could I be more focused during the day if I have a blue rgb light strip (provided the room is fairly dark, like when ...
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How can I black out a bright bedroom at night?

I am in University and this is my first time living in the city. I am so used to having a completely dark bedroom and now my bedroom is always so bright from the lights that I cannot sleep at all. I ...
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How can I turn an echoey alcove into a home office suitable for video & audio calls?

I have an alcove that I'd like to turn into a home office suitable for high quality audio and video calls. I have a desk & chair, however... There are no windows and stark white walls. What is ...
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How to make your hotel room dark?

Curtains in hotel rooms are often not thick enough to block light from outside. They also don't cover the edges of the window well. Last year in Norway, it was difficult to sleep with the sun shining ...
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How to prevent people accidentally turning the lights off from leaning on the switches?

The office I work in has light switches located near an elevator. This switches control the lights in my department. It is a fairly often occasion where, when waiting for the elevator to arrive, ...
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How to turn on the motion sensor controlled light when you're in the toilet?

It might have happened that when you are in a public or work toilet the light turns off because of the motion sensor, and as much as you wave your hands you cannot make it on again. Is there an easy ...
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how do you easily turn a flash light into a lamp

Is there any way to easily take a flash light and make it spread its light out more like a lamp instead of just a straight beam?
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How can I dim the 20+ LEDs that are in my room to help with sleep?

I'm aware that as little as 200 lumens of light is enough to disrupt sleep in sensitive individuals. Blue light in 460-480nm wavelength is especially powerful for disrupting sleep via reducing ...
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How to avoid background reflection Computer display

At work I am sitting in front of a conference room which has lots of glass wall. It is always very bright and it makes my computer display look like a mirror. I tried playing with my display setting ...
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How to read in bed without upsetting my wife?

Before I fall asleep, I like to get into my bed and do some reading. My wife however likes to fall asleep as soon as she is in bed. I have a small lamp on my side which I use but it scatters too much ...
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How to turn off the lights without getting out of bed?

I get into bed because I am tired. When I am tired, I don't like to get out of bed. That simple. This Rube Goldberg shows one simple way to shut the lights without getting out of bed: Is there a ...
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Lighting for easily spotting mosquitoes?

I can effectively zap mosquitoes with a hand racket zapper once I see them. A LED flashlight in a dark room seems to work best for spotting the mosquitoes while they fly. Can someone recommend better ...
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Eye strain due to fluorescent lights

I lay on the floor when ever I use my phone. I am supposed to receive direct fluorescent tube light on my eyes. Is there any way to blur or fade the light without reducing the intensity of light ?
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How to see better in the dark

I'm sure everyone has experienced going from a well lit room into a dark room, you can barely see a thing so you have to wait for eyes to adjust before moving around, I find especially when getting up ...
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Hiding or covering annoying LED lights on computer and accessories

As many of you know, computers cases and their accessories come with all flavors of LED lights these days. When I was in high school, they were all the rave. Now, they very specifically annoy me, ...
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How can I effectively black out my room for sleeping, cheaply and such that I can still open the curtains during the day?

I have trouble sleeping. I'd like to make my room as dark as possible and the apartment I live in has streetlights right outside. I rent, so buying expensive curtains doesn't really seem viable. ...
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How can I improvise a magnifying glass?

Are there any ways to improvise a magnifying glass with common things you could find at any house? (Or if not, less common things that aren't too rare to find.) For example, in case you have some ...
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