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Questions tagged [liquids]

Hacks related to liquids. Including their use, containment, transport or spillage.

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1 vote
2 answers

Using liquid detergents for a pre-wash cycle with a powder only detergent drawer

I've found that liquid detergents give the best results in my AEG lavamat washer dryer. These work well when I want to do a normal wash, I just pour the liquid into the supplied ball, pop it in the ...
4 votes
7 answers

Tea dispenser leaks

So, this has happened twice. I have a tea/beverage dispenser in the fridge with a tap at the bottom. The lever is not fixed and can spin around. Here is a pic: Someone leaves the thing too close to ...
14 votes
5 answers

At what part of the toilet should I aim to reduce the pee splashing? [closed]

The question has been closed under the claim that is opinion-based. Please read my comment below explaining why I think it should be reopened. While peeing stand up, I wonder where should I aim to ...
0 votes
1 answer

I spilled cooking oil on my kitchen floor, now my floor squeeks

I spilled used cooking oil in my kitchen pantry floor. I used the flour method to successfully clean it up, but now the floor on the other side of the wall has a pretty loud creak when walking on it. ...
12 votes
14 answers

How can you estimate the fill-state of an opaque bottle?

One of my favorite alcoholic beverages (Baileys Irish Cream) comes in bottles which are completely black. The bottle is so opaque you can't see the content even when holding it in front of a strong ...
3 votes
3 answers

Physics laboratory setup for fluid dynamics experiments

I'm beginning research on how the Earth's Coriolis Effect affects solids suspended in moving liquids. I have run into a challenge that lifehackers may be able to help solve. I would like to compare ...
0 votes
3 answers

To pour liquid medicine into a Teaspoon/ Tablespoon (for exact measure) from a dark glass/ plastic bottle without wastage, spillage or dripping?

To pour liquid medicine into a Teaspoon/ Tablespoon (for exact measure) from a dark glass/ plastic bottle without wastage, spillage or dripping? Found these similar ones, but they are bigger ...
0 votes
1 answer

Spilled coffee on laptop and matress

Spilled coffee upon laptop & bed-sheet which has been absorbed into mattress too. Not only the bed-sheet but the mattress too has been stain due to spillage & seepage. Coffee is all over ...
9 votes
11 answers

How can I prevent pee from flying off-target?

Most men know that sometimes a stream of pee can go in some unwanted direction, which can cause problems like dirty clothes or a dirty floor. Is there a way to prevent this from happening, or maybe a ...
12 votes
8 answers

How can I add oil to a car without a funnel?

Say the oil light turns on in my car, so I check the dipstick and it's low. I have an extra quart in the trunk... ...but I don't have a funnel to pour the oil through. I once tried pouring straight ...
-10 votes
2 answers

Transferring liquid from floor back to bottle

How to put back liquid into a bottle if the liquid is spilt on a table or floor? The table is too heavy to move it. Let the liquid be petrol.
1 vote
5 answers

How to move liquid from one container to another

When I have liquid in one big vessel/container like a big cooking pot, barrel or reservoir which is very heavy, it is difficult to lift and pour out the liquid in other smaller vessels. Could you ...