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Hacks related to using or manipulating the magnetization of an object.

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Pacifier clips that won’t come off easily

Our son keeps on pulling his pacifier and losing it. The clipper seem to be the problem as he can jerk it off easily. Is there a way to make it hard so he doesn’t pull it off easily? Someone suggested ...
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Cut a magnet into smaller pieces

I salvaged this 10 lb magnet from a 1000 watt speaker. I trying to make smaller magnets from it. Wikihow says to either chip it with a hammer or saw it with a hacksaw. I am looking for ideas on ...
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Broken Key in Safe Lock

I have an electronic locked safe that has the back up key broken off in the lock. Now, the easy solution is to use the electronic keypad but the batteries have died and it is unusable. I've tried the ...
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Demagnetize a tool

I am trying to demagnetize this vise grips. They became magnetized because of repeated times that small magnets on my work bench stuck to the vise grips. I tried the method where you hit it with a ...
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How can I remove a magnet stuck to a metal bar (under my table)?

I have this strong rectangular permanent magnet that got stuck to a metal bar. My living room table has a sliding top and the metal bar is part of the mechanism that the top slides on. The magnet ...
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Magnet in shower: How to protect against rust

I've found a small lifehack involving shampoo using a magnet (strong magnet, not neodymium) to solve my "tipping the shampoo off the shampoo holder" and "nudging the shampoo holder off the wall" ...
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