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For hacks related to medicines or drugs. Not for medical or health questions, and not for questions regarding selection of medicine for a condition. such questions are not suitable for this site.

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To pour liquid medicine into a Teaspoon/ Tablespoon (for exact measure) from a dark glass/ plastic bottle without wastage, spillage or dripping?

To pour liquid medicine into a Teaspoon/ Tablespoon (for exact measure) from a dark glass/ plastic bottle without wastage, spillage or dripping? Found these similar ones, but they are bigger ...
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Best bandage adhesive (brand) and baby oil (brand) combo for bandage covering the eyebrow?

I'm about to apply a bandage that will cover my eyebrow and read on this site it'd be best to use a certain brand of adhesive tape and then a brand of baby oil to make the removal less painful. I ...
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What measures to take if the tablet swallowed is still stuck in the throat even after drinking loads of water?

Sometimes when we take tablets, no matter how big or small the tablet is, it feels like it sticks in the throat no matter how much water we drink. Is there a quick remedy to this?
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Whats the best way to disinfect a package for covid19?

Whats the safest way to decontaminate packages/electronics from China? Checking with my shipper they don't bother yet. We just got a new SATA controller from China. Not having any alcohol we used ...
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A remedy for an itchy healing cut [closed]

I cut my finger accidentally a couple days ago. Not too deep, but it was painful for a few seconds, and there was some bleeding. I debrided it with hydrogen peroxide 3% solution, and then applied a "...
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How to apply medicine on dog's snout?

My dog have a condition that makes her snout a little dry and prone to brittle. We went to a vet and she prescribed a sticky lotion-like medicine to apply on my dog's snout twice a day. Problem is, ...
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How to cut a pill in half without a pill cutter?

If you don't have a pill cutter available, how can you cut a non-scored pill in half? I've tried a sharp knife, but it only made a mess of the circular pill. Side note: The above question is ...
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Best way to remove "wound closure" tape that is taped to some of my eyebrow?

I've got 2 CVSHealth Wound Closure Adhesive Surgical Tape Strips taped to much of one eyebrow to cover a gash I suffered just slightly above the eyebrow. I've always used the bikini wax method for ...
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Slowdown digestion for a 30 hour journey?

I have a long flight journey, followed and preceded by lengthy bus journeys ahead and would like to have a stable stomach and intestines until I reach my destination home. I do not like public toilets,...
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Problem with broken mouthpiece of tube

I have some kind of facial product in tube container. The mouth piece of the tube has broken a little and now the cap is not fitting in it. There was a guideline written which said to replace the cap ...
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Showering while avoiding patch to get wet

I wonder what some good strategy are to avoid a medical patch on my skin to get wet when I shower. The patch is located on the elbow, lateral side, as the following picture illustrates:
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How to sterilize/clean a cut/abrasion without causing pain

Small cuts and abrasions can be very painful to clean. How might one clean such a wound without causing undue pain, while still effectively sterilizing it? Attempts so far that have caused pain: ...
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