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For hacks relating to music, both vocal and instrumental, as well as recordings.

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How to stop earbuds from getting stuck in ears?

I have this issue where when I wear earbuds that sometimes one gets stuck in my ears. It's always easy to remove using tweezers but is there anyway I can overcome this problem completely?
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How do I get a sound every 25 seconds

Unusual problem here… I need a cheap device that can emit a click or chirp every 25±5 seconds, for at least 26 hours. Basically, I need a metronome but the $5 devices all begin at 30 beats per minute, ...
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What is the best way to give music as a gift?

In the old days, you could give someone a CD or a cassette and be pretty sure they'd listen to it. The CD might sit on the table for a day or two but eventually they will put it in their car CD player ...
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How do I live with noisy neighbors?

The situation I live in a small appartment in a densely populated building (6 floors, 24 apartments per floor). I have no furniture. I work on the floor. I sleep on the floor. My downstairs neighbors ...
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How to minimize breathing being recorded in phone?

I would like to start recording my thoughts about stuff and post them on youtube. Just audio. I think what I need is an external mic to somehow make the quality of recordings a bit better. But I do ...
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How can I listen to music while running, but without smartphone?

I love to practice exercises, but when going out for a run, I never take any electronic devices (by electronic devices, I mean any devices that may distract me.) in order to stay focus. But I wish I ...
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How to get rid of a song stuck in my head? [closed]

Sometimes when I hear a song, I cannot stop singing it in my head for the rest of the day, and maybe even for a few days. This is annoying, because it usually happens with silly songs. How can I get ...
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How do I keep my keyboard pedal from running away?

I recently procured a musical keyboard, with a pedal that attaches to the keyboard via a wire. It looks like this: The problem is, it runs away every time I try to play the keyboard. I step on it, ...
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How to deal with neighbors/street cars playing loud music?

Besides that one can always ask them to stop (and this almost always fails), is there any practical solution to this? Earplugs? There's this of course, but I'd need something more realistic. EDIT - ...
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How can I increase durability of my headphones?

I would love some tips on how to make headphones connected to my phone last longer while listening to music. The basic issue is that every time I purchase headphones (tried both cheap and expensive ...
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Collecting vinyl LPs on an open shelf

I have a moderate but rapidly-growing collection of vinyl LPs. I want to keep these LPs on an open shelf, without them spilling over. Unfortunately, record storage crates won't fit on the shelf (at ...
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Help achieving real-time auto-tune effect

A while back I played a video game with a character who spoke entirely in auto-tune (Warning: link is NNSFW: Not necessarily safe for work). I thought it was a really fun idea and have been trying to ...
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How can I repair a broken jewel case?

I have a jewel case in which a cd came. The tab in the corner is broken: The tab is gone, so the front falls off whenever opening the case. I've tried using duct tape, clear tape, etc. and the ...
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