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Questions tagged [pest-control]

Hacks related to the control and elimination of pests.

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54 votes
11 answers

How do I find and kill a single mosquito in the middle of the night?

Many times a single mosquito will buzz in my ear at night (and bite me). I know if I kill it there won't be any others, but finding one is difficult.
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2 answers

How to get mice out of the ceiling

Late at night, not a creature is stirring, except for the mice scratching away in the ceiling - as I am a renter, I can not access the ceiling, nor do any damage to the property. The real estate agent ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Eradicate a cockroach infestation

A cockroach infestation has formed in my house a while ago, probably because food was left out and dishes were never done. However for the last few months I have made sure to keep the place clean and ...
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80 votes
30 answers

Is there any way to kill a fly without a flyswatter?

Fact: Flies move fast. Very fast. That's why you need something that moves even faster – like a fly swatter – to kill a fly. But what if you don't have a flyswatter handy? Then, how can you catch and ...
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6 answers

Pest Control - Natural Method of Ant Control - Howto

Destroy the Ant We have some ants ramping up their annual activity here in beautiful Arizona. I want to control them without using any pesticides. In the past I have just destroyed their nests using ...
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10 answers

How can I remove ants from my laptop keyboard?

There are ants in my laptop keyboard again. It's happened before and ended up killing my productivity occasionally as the little critters suddenly show up from within the gaps of the keyboard. I had ...
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14 answers

Which is the best lure to use on a mousetrap?

A mouse has appeared in my house and is apparently hiding inside the washing machine. I tried to shake it out and turn it on but the little varmint still didn't come out. So now I am going to use a ...
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14 votes
7 answers

How can I prevent spiders coming into my house?

I live in an apartment in a first floor, and in the last few days we noticed two spiders through the hallway. The problem is that these spiders are of a really poisonous kind called Araña de rincón (...
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2 answers

How can I get a mouse out the house without causing it any harm?

We recently had a tiny, and utterly adorable, little mouse in our 2nd story apartment. We eventually managed to corner it and get it into a box before releasing it back into the field, but it was hard ...
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3 answers

Friendly way to get rid of screeching birds

So I live in an apartment building attic and there's a bird nest right outside, on the roof. They probably just hatched eggs because they screech and scream like they're dying all from 05:00 till 08:...
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6 answers

How to eliminate rats from kitchen?

There are few rats in the kitchen and they destroy kitchen equipment and food items. They are coming form window louvers at night. Can you please propose a solution except closing the louvers??
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3 votes
6 answers

How can I repel pigeons from roosting on my apartment balcony?

Ahhhh, It's spring. I'm on the top (6th) floor of an apartment building that has an open balcony with a beautiful view… that I recently share with some pigeons. I would much rather the pigeons ...
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