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Monochrome printing with non-black ink?

I draw comics, and for part of my workflow, I print software-modified "pencils" in light blue onto the paper, then draw the final inks over that. The blue layer doesn't show up in scans or ...
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How to reduce the noise of the mini printing machine?

I am staying in a house that the wall is quite thin, that is why I bought a printing machine. However, after buying, I found out that my printing machine works a little bit noisy. I am wondering how ...
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How to remove bonded-printed content from a ripstop fabric?

I was gifted an insulated picnic bag (a bit like this one). The thing is, its rip-stop fabric side has a company logo printed on it... ... and it doesn't just scratch off. How can I remove the ...
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How to prevent an inket printer from clogging up from lack of use?

I tend to print, at most, 5 pages per month: usually 2-3 black and white pages, and 1-2 color pages. In the past 3 years, I've gone through 4 inkjet printers because they all clog so fast. I've ...
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