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Hacks related to reading: making things easier to read.

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Removing blue light from a reading light

I have a reading light whose temperature is very high even on the lowest setting (marketed as 3000K, but feels higher). I want to filter away all of the blue light it emits. My first idea was to get a ...
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Where can I find one partner to listen to audiobooks together with me online?

Most people listen to audiobooks on their own; afterwards they discuss with others. However, I don't want to listen alone. The idea is that if two people are doing it simultaneously, it's easier to ...
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How to flip the page without causing too much noise?

I am living on the same floor with a person going to bed early (around 11pm) while I normally work till 2 am. So, I try to reduce the sound of flipping the page. Could you please give me some tricks? ...
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How to improve the ability of reading documents on monitor screens?

Normally I prefer to read the document on paper ( I can highlight, take notes...), however, it means that I need to print the documents out. Therefore, I intend to change to adapt to reading on ...
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Reading glasses with zero correction [closed]

At an industrial site where I work they recently instituted a policy of wearing protective lenses. My employer gave us these cheap plastic safety glasses, but they scratch too easily, they fog up all ...
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Is there a general way to motivate myself to study? [closed]

I am a student of electrical and mechanical engineering. Ever since I joined, my hours of studying have been reduced significantly. That's not to say there is less study to be done though. I usually ...
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How would one digitize a thick book into a PDF version in the most time-efficient way, using only a camera and a computer?

I have a: DSLR camera (Canon EOS) + no tripod Latest commercial version of Adobe Acrobat A computer with Internet connection Frugal character I also own a physically printed and bound book of over ...
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Avoid feeling sick reading in a moving vehicle

I am a student who use public transportation. I usually spend 2 hours a day on the bus going to work, and use this time to study or just relax reading something. But the movement make me feel very ...
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How to read in bed without upsetting my wife?

Before I fall asleep, I like to get into my bed and do some reading. My wife however likes to fall asleep as soon as she is in bed. I have a small lamp on my side which I use but it scatters too much ...
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Improvised glasses

Sometimes there are things that I need to read quickly, but I don't have my glasses on me. I am farsighted so, obviously, seeing without my glasses is not an option. I have tried using a small desk ...
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