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Hacks for keeping yourself or other people and things safe.

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2 answers

How can I pad a laptop-sized bag to improve safety for a laptop?

I have a backpack with a laptop compartment (the top half of this compartment can be opened with a zipper). That compartment is just about the right size for my laptop that I would like to carry in ...
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9 answers

How can I avoid hurting my fingers when using a hammer

Whenever I have to hammer a nail into something (the wall for a picture mount, a piece of wood for a project, etc.), I hurt my fingers when I slam the hammer against the nail. Even when I don't hit my ...
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What is the best way to light a hard-to-reach candle wick without burning your finger?

What is the best way to light a candle when the wick is difficult to reach? My candle is similar to the one pictured below (large, glass, with a somewhat enclosed top), and I usually use either ...
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What office equipment can I use to safely observe a solar eclipse?

As looking at the sun is Not A Good Idea™. A common hack is to use a colander to project many instances of the eclipsing sun onto a surface. The upcoming solar eclipse in Europe will be taking place ...
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How can I prevent spiders coming into my house?

I live in an apartment in a first floor, and in the last few days we noticed two spiders through the hallway. The problem is that these spiders are of a really poisonous kind called Araña de rincón (...
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How can I safely destroy a hard disk?

When a computer need to be replaced, I remove the hard disk. However it seems a hell of a job to physically destroy the hard disk without heavy tools, which i don't have. What is a safe way to ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Healthiest way to haul over-sized object in an automobile

I notice that when I haul things that don't really fit, by leaving the rear hatch on my car/suv/crossover open there is a tendency for exhaust fumes to circulate up to the drivers area. Renting a ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Check for electricity in a socket without tools?

How can I check if there is electricity in a power socket without a tester or any other specialized tools? Note: The method should not involve the destruction of the socket or my whole power supply!
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6 votes
4 answers

How can I improve air quality in my car?

Cars tend to have low air quality due to driving in an environment of exhaust and other fumes, dust, etc. Is there anything that will help with this?
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3 votes
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How can I repel pigeons from roosting on my apartment balcony?

Ahhhh, It's spring. I'm on the top (6th) floor of an apartment building that has an open balcony with a beautiful view… that I recently share with some pigeons. I would much rather the pigeons ...
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How can I adjust the mask to my nose if the mask doesn't have the silver adjuster?

I have masks very similar to this one It doesn't have the adjuster, like the one in the white mask or the one in the last picture. As a replacement for the silver adjuster, I've thought in using ...
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3 answers

keeping cats out of open loft

I have rented an apartment, that has open area above the kitchen cabinets where the ducts and electric items are. Any advice what to put up to prevent cats from jumping from counters to top of duct ...
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