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How can I find out who owns a painting? (legally)

Here is a challenging problem: I want to find out who owns a painting. The painting in question is a minor work by an important European impressionist-era artist. If it were to be auctioned today, it ...
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Archive Papers from Binder (this comes under Library Science)

I manage most of our household by using a 5 x 7 binder (portable costs about $10) to write things down, move papers around. One moment I may need to reference and note down medical information, next ...
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How to segment ones life/data?

I find myself thinking about organizing my digital stuff again. The whole thing started with the thought "What would the optimal folder structure look like?". Thinking about this, I came to the ...
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6 answers

Tips to find misplaced keys somewhere in my house

Today when I woke up I couldn't find my keys (car + car alarm + house + job + key chain, all together). I know that they should be somewhere around my house or garage, because last night I returned ...
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8 answers

Finding a gold ring lost in the house

How can I find a gold ring lost in my bedroom, kitchen, or living room? I've already read this question, but it seems that many of the answers given there wouldn't apply to a search inside. It was ...
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How can I prevent the remote control from getting lost?

I seem to be the only one in my house capable of putting the remote in the same spot. How can I solve the "I can't find the remote problem"?
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Finding a gold ring lost in the lawn

How do I find my gold ring which is lost inside the grass in my garden? Please tell me an easy way to find my ring quickly.
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