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2 votes
5 answers

How to protect trouser/clothes from semen?

I have Nocturnal emission (aka wet dream) almost every night, and as result when I wake up in morning I see that my trousers are wet with spots/stains of semen. How can I protect my clothes from ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Preventing Bed Resonance

This is somewhat similar to this question, but not exactly the same, because it's not about noise per se and I'm not the one causing it (yet). The floor of my apartment is very light (probably cheap) ...
13 votes
9 answers

How to prevent bed movement's noises when having sex?

Little bit of context I've always lived in a house. The same goes for my girlfriend. Now we moved together, but we are living in an apartment. We are not used to some of the noises/closeness that ...
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18 votes
2 answers

How to quickly remove stains made of semen from clothes

Maybe some of you have had the bad experience to get semen stains on your clothes after having a sexual intercourse with your partner in a public place (for example at a party, in the office, in your ...
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