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Hacks related to shaving efficiently or comfortably.

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Keeping head not shaved but buzzed?

I recently started shaving my head, using an electric head razor with five blades. I've discovered that I like the look of my head with two or days' worth of hair growth, not completely shaven, but my ...
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Poor straight razor shaving/sharpening experiences

I’ve used a Dovo Shavette successfully for many years without any problems, but the blades only last about three shaves and they’re weird to change, involving sliding out a plastic sleeve and clipping ...
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What are alternatives for aftershave?

When you do not have aftershave what are alternatives to use? I have tried a hot towel and cold towel however still not sufficient.
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Shaving my head

I'm going bald and, consequently, I'm thinking of shaving my head. I suffer from ingrown hairs and cannot shave my face with a razor. Any advice?
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How do I keep whiskers out of sink

My homestay students are pigs. I just spent over an hour in their disgusting filth. I'm worried a big ball of stuff will go down the line and plug everything. Guys are even cutting their own hair in ...
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Shave off a full beard without access to a beard trimmer

I'm travelling for several months and don't have space to pack a beard trimmer. I don't want to shave every day or so; more like every couple of weeks, but I find it's really difficult to get rid of ...
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After shave itching

Every time after shaving underarms I get an itching sensation. Is there is a way to prevent/ reduce it? It could be something that can be applied before shaving, after shaving or could be a change or ...
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How to get hair fragments off of skin after beard trimming

I thought I would be able to find an answer to this Googling but have been entirely unable to. Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology. Basically any time I trim my beard with my electric trimmer, small ...
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Keep shaving stubble from getting into my eyes [closed]

My name is Tony and I have a significant problem. Each time I shave, no matter what precautions I am taking, such as wearing goggles to shield my eyes, I get cut facial hair not fall to the floor but ...
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What is the best way to stop the bleeding from a shaving cut?

Sometimes when I shave I accidently cut myself (usually due to haste). I was wondering what is the best way to stop the bleeding and gives the most comfort. I heard the paper from cigarettes or ...
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How to build a very close shaving shaver?

Summary: There’s a great fashion in many countries about wearing a dotted style of beard (sorry I can’t really translate this, but this is the level below stubble). I don't want this. When you use ...
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Growing a thicker beard [closed]

I was wondering if there any tips, diets to make my beard thicker, It grows at a healthy rate(length wise) but it's not as thick as I would want to.
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How can I shave my back?

I have hair on my back. How can I shave it? Preferably by myself. I'm flexible, but not that flexible - trying to make sure I get all of it is a real struggle.
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How to keep track of how many uses a razor blade has left

I used to use a regular cartridge razor, but switched to safety blades about a year ago. I find that I can get roughly 10 shaves out of a safety razor blade before I need to replace it, or else it ...
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How does one efficiently clean up hair from sink after shaving or trimming beard?

How does one efficiently clean up hair from sink and counter area after shaving or trimming beard? After shaving, but more so trimming my beard (using electric trimmer), mustache, or trimming my hair ...
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What is the least painful and most effective way to keep chest shaved?

Current state of the art for a defibrillator is to use pads with sticky (think duct tape sticky) in place of the hand held paddles we are used to seeing on TV. Without going into a lot of detail, I ...
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