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Hacks related to sinks or basin like structures that receive water from a faucet and are used for cleaning, food preparation, etc.

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What is a hack to clean kitchen sink drain on an RV?

On an RV kitchen sink drain you cannot use Draino per previous owner, I was looking for a hack to clean the drain or an alternative to Draino. Thank you.
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How can I paint a sink hole cover?

The sink hole cover was copper, but after years of cleaning, the color is wearing off. I'd like it to be the same color in acrylic paint (which I have) as our faucet, which is bronze. Can this be done?...
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How do I keep whiskers out of sink

My homestay students are pigs. I just spent over an hour in their disgusting filth. I'm worried a big ball of stuff will go down the line and plug everything. Guys are even cutting their own hair in ...
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Stainless Steel sink stain or...?

Wondering if anyone has advice for if there is a way to remove this stain in my kitchen sink. What happened was a bottle of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner was leaking badly (did not come out of the cap ...
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What is this hole used for on my kitchen sink?

In my apartment's kitchen sink, besides the tap, I find there is a cap. When I unscrew the cap, I find there is a pipe or a hole that connect to somewhere (probably into dishwasher, but I'm not very ...
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How do I stop water from splashing in the bathroom above counter sink?

How to stop splashing from above counter sinks in bathroom?
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How to stop water from dripping on the sink counter and bathroom floor when washing hands?

I turn on the water, dispense some soap, rub my hands together, rub my hands together a lot more under the running water. Sometimes though, I didn't dispense enough soap the first time so have to go ...
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Stopping a Faucet From Leaking

I finished using the sink to wash my hands when I realized that the faucet was not closed completely for some reason. Drops of water kept going out and my money will too due to the water bill. My dad ...
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Is there a non-mechanical solution to unclogging a sink drain?

My bathroom sinks get clogged quite regularly. I end up taking apart the u-tube and manually pulling out the disgusting mess with a coat hanger modified for the occasion. Is there a way to unclog ...
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Filling a hot water urn from a kitchen sink [duplicate]

The answers given so far don't seem to work for my situation. the hose would not be suitably hygienic, as it would not be sterile enough (I am working with elderly people and the hygiene is very ...
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How to unblock a blocked drain without acids/chemicals?

Is there a way to unblock a totally blocked drain (especially kitchen) without using acids or strong chemicals? I like to avoid acids and chemicals in general for many reasons, one of them is the ...
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How do I unclog a sink without a snake or liquid plumber? [duplicate]

So my sink got clogged somehow. I've tried plunging it, but it hasn't seemed very effective. I don't have a snake or liquid plumber on hand though. How can I unclog it?
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If I break a water pipe, is there a way to stop the flow while I go turn off the water?

Suppose I completely break a hot or cold water PVC pipe under a sink. How can I quickly stop/minimize the flow while I go turn off the water flow, at the pump? Last time something like this happened,...
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How do I fill a hot water urn that doesn't fit in the sink?

I have a large container (a hot water urn) that I need to fill with water. I don't have access to a hose, unfortunately, so that is not an option. I did also try stuffing the urn in the sink, but ...
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