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Lifehacks related to sleeping, comfort in sleeping, and using lifehacks to make sleeping easier or more restful. Please note that mind hacks are off-topic.

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What can I do if someone sitting nearby snores loudly in a library?

I was reading in a public library when someone started snoring. I thought a librarian would step in, but I cannot find one right now in this room. There are about 30 readers in this room, but no one ...
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Removing blue light from a reading light

I have a reading light whose temperature is very high even on the lowest setting (marketed as 3000K, but feels higher). I want to filter away all of the blue light it emits. My first idea was to get a ...
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How to get rid of dust mite effectively?

What I tried: Gave the cats away I bought a powerful vacuum cleaner I bought an air purifier Regularly wash surfaces It helps, but not for long. Any tips?
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How to stop annoying wrong-number phone calls?

I get frequent calls to my landline trying to fax me something. I believe my number is 1 digit off a nearby hospital, and people attempting to fax them things accidentally fax me. The calls during ...
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Night driving issues

Due to my new job, I have to drive at least one hour each day after I finished working at night and I'm getting really tired while driving back home... I'm afraid I'll get hurt or cause an accident in ...
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How to fall asleep on your back

I think it is very useful to be able to fall asleep on your back in certain cases when you need your sleep the most: when you try to sleep in a recliner or chair, like traveling on a bus or a plane. ...
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Stuffed nose when sleeping

Mind that I don't have a cold or anything, and that I don't have a problem while awake, but when I put my head on the pillow and try to sleep it's really hard to breath through my nose. I assumed ...
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Career lifestyle - feel tired every afternoon

Background: I recently started my career as a professional. I have the luxury of working "flextime", meaning I can start and finish when I want, as long as I work my 7 - 8 hour days. Virtually all of ...
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Sleep with earplugs but still hear alarm

Where I sleep I can easily be awaken by the sounds of my neighbors. Therefore I usually wear earplugs to sleep. Because I work flextime, this is not a problem. However there are certain deadlines ...
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How do you make your baby sleep early at night?

I have a one-year-old kid and she's a joy to be with - full of energy and vigour. However, at the end of the day, she somehow fights with all her might to not sleep and stays awake till past 11-11:30 ...
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How to find out if a pillow is unhealthy and bad for neck

I been having neck pain and sleepless night and I wonder if my pillow are beyond it’s age. So how does one find how long pillow are useful before it need changing and what are signs of unhealthy ...
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Managing day-to-day sound from upstairs neighbours

TL;DR : What are some original and/or just generally effective ways to block low-frequency noise? Not TL;DR: This question has been asked in various forms already, such as this, but I am not looking ...
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With what else can I fill a water pillow, as it seeps water?

After being washed in the machine last week and air-dried, my 4-year-old water pillow started to ooze water, as the cover quickly turns humid. I haven't been able to pinpoint the leak. Rather than ...
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How can I remember my dreams?

I do dream in the sleep but the moment I wake up I only remember a very little of thing and after some minutes, I don't actually remember any of my dreams. Why is it so? Can someone suggest me how to ...
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Lifehacks to adjust sleep cycle?

I'm trying to adjust my sleep cycle to 5 hours earlier than it currently is. I would like to accomplish this within 3 weeks. I've tried incrementally setting an alarm 15 minutes earlier each day, ...
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How can I clean disposable foam earplugs?

I use disposable foam earplugs to help me sleep. They usually start itching within a week, and I throw them out and get another pair. They seem to be made of memory foam, based on the way they slowly ...
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Stay conscious and focused while driving

I believe this problem is well known to most drivers: there are times you just feel your eyes closing while driving, even if you slept well the night before. Ideally, you would stop the car in a gas ...
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Please help how to get rid of dust mites which causes itching at night

Whenever I go to sleep at night,itchiness starts to me,which causes red rashes.and no sleep also. Any one please suggest how to get rid of this soon.
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Best configuration for sleeping in car

I am an Uber driver and I have this necessity after working late weekend nights and I am too tired to drive home safely. Firstly, I have several vehicles but none of them have seats that recline to ...
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How to sleep in a hot room?

It's 40 degrees celsius / 104 degrees fahrenheit outside and in my room it's 30 degrees celsius / 86 degrees fahrenheit (I don't have air conditioning). How am I suppose to sleep in such a hot room? P....
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How to Prevent Sleep? [closed]

Problem: I'm a quick sleeper, meaning I go to sleep really fast. My problem is that I want to stay up late sometimes to do stuff without my parents knowing and I accidentally fall asleep in my bed. ...
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How can I black out a bright bedroom at night?

I am in University and this is my first time living in the city. I am so used to having a completely dark bedroom and now my bedroom is always so bright from the lights that I cannot sleep at all. I ...
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How To Keep Sleep Mask On While Sleeping

I have a Lewis N Clark sleep mask with a 3/4" elastic strap around the back. Trouble is it keeps falling off halfway through my sleep. If I tighten the strap then it presses uncomfortably around my ...
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How can I sleep on my back instead of my side or stomach?

How can I fall and stay asleep on my back instead of my side or stomach? I have a hard time falling asleep on my back and even when I do, I always wake up on my side or stomach.
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How to stop throwing blankets off myself while sleeping?

(I'm not sure if lifehacks is the best category for this, but it's the best I could find.) For a long time now, I've thrown my blankets off myself while I'm sleeping. I know I toss and turn in my ...
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How to quickly recover from jet lag?

Traveling from UTC+8 to UTC-8 (16 hour difference). Other than sleeping or having a coffee, what are some hacks that can help recover jet-lag in quickest manner ?
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How can I have control over my sleep? [closed]

So, I'm having a problem: If I wake at 8 am in the morning, I usually wake up 1 hour later at 9 am. The worst part is that even when I put on my alarm, I don't even remember closing it. So it seems ...
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How do I fix poor sleeping habits? [closed]

Ever since I started university, my bed time has become later and later to the point that 3-4am is my norm. As I am about to be on university break, is there an easy way to restore my sleeping habits ...
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Loud neighbor living upstairs depriving me of my sleep!

I have a neighbor upstairs who starts doing the laundry around 12am, slams doors and stomps around on the floor which cause lots of noises at night right when I'm trying to fall asleep. This is ...
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How to wake up early without alarm [closed]

The alarm causes people stress. How to avoid waking up early with an alarm? I tried to go to bed earlier but it didn't work.
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Is there a way to make myself sleep quickly without resorting to sleeping pills or any sleeping foods? [closed]

It's hard for me to sleep quickly. Sometimes it took me 1-2 hours (not always) on my bed to make myself asleep. So is there any way to make me sleep in around 5-10 mins? I hate it when I can't get ...
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How to make alarm audible over air conditioner?

I'm a heavy sleeper, but usually wake up to my iPhone alarm. I consistently sleep through it when my air conditioner is on. I can't sleep without the AC. We're in a heatwave and I'm not going to be ...
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How can I avoid dribbling spit at night?

How can I avoid dribbling spittle when I sleep? While this is not uncomfortable while sleeping, waking up with a wet pillow is not very nice and is a little dirty. Some precision: This happens only ...
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Keeping Sleep Apnea mask on

I have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, and now need to wear a mask attached to a fancy air pump at night to keep my airways open. I have been religiously putting it on every night, but have ...
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lying-in-bed-ideas to be remembered the next day [closed]

While lying in bed at night and trying to fall asleep, sometimes it takes a while before my mind quiets down. In the meantime I am thinking about various things, either general or what I have to do ...
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how to keep blankets from slipping off the bed at night

No matter how I make the bed, in the morning all the blankets are on my husbands side of the bed and/or on the floor at the bottom of the bed. How do I prevent this from happening, and keeping the ...
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How to avoid yawning in public?

I was recently scolded by a teacher for yawning in class. If there is any other time when I feel the urge to yawn, how can I avoid it?
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Earbud wiring setup to avoid yanking laptop / tablet when fall asleep

I listen to audio before bed. I'm going to use a earplugs/earbud hybrid like this to listen to audio:
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How to train myself to fall asleep faster? [closed]

I generally fall asleep pretty well, probably within 15-30 minutes every night. However that is still 90+ hours a year I'm "wasting" waiting to fall asleep. It also makes naps completely impractical. ...
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How to sleep with a stuffy / blocked nose?

I'm just getting over a cold, but my nose remains very stuffy / blocked. This makes sleeping difficult: I toss and turn or simply can't fall asleep at all. I've tried blowing my nose and using various ...
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