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For hacks related to smoking and smoking paraphenalia.

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How do I get rid of the cold cigarette smell in a room?

I recently moved into a new apartment, during the visits everything was airy so I couldn't detect this problem, but after moving in, I quickly realized that the old tenants were smoking inside, ...
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How to hangout with smoking dudes but not inhaling 2nd hand smoke

Whenever my dudes go to lunch or coffee breaks, afterwards they smoke while I don't so it is hard for me to breathe. I am not a smoker, but I still want to hang out with my dudes. How can I hang out ...
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How do I get rid of smoke smell

I live in a town house and my garage connects to my neighbors and shares a wall. My neighbors are always smoking in their garage all the time and now the smell is wafting into my garage. It is ...
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Smoke smell in my house

I bought a house 3 weeks ago, and after moving in, I found there's smoke smell in the house, like tobaccos, especially in the bathroom, although I didn't notice that during the home inspection or the ...
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How can I remove tobacco spots from the inner edges of book pages?

I have a few books that have light brown spots from tobacco/smoking damage on the pages around the outer edges. How can I remove these from the page? I have tried wiping lightly with a damp cloth, ...
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How to keep tobacco moist? [closed]

I have heard of lemon, apple, cucumber, copper coins, steam and read about freezing, storing in airtight containers. I have tried cucumber and I can't say it really worked. Knowing the power of ...
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Preventing smoke entering apartment when windows are opened?

I live in an apartment building, on the second floor. Now that it is nice outside, I have noticed a very frustrating problem - when windows are open, I frequently smell cigarette smoke in our ...
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How can I quickly eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke in a confined space?

When somebody smokes in my car or a room of my home, the smell lasts for days to weeks. How can I quickly remove that smell? I've tried using basic air fresheners, but they only put a bandaid on the ...
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Separating rolling papers, that have stuck together

Occasionally tobacco rolling papers can get stuck together when the pack gets slightly damp/moist. I usually try slowly pulling them apart, but this results in the papers ripping 4 out of 5 times. ...
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