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Hacks related to shopping in supermarkets. Includes efficiency of shopping and moving purchases home.

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Access the water in young coconuts [closed]

My supermarket sells young coconuts, looks similar to that one: If you cut the top of the soft shell to the inner stone (a hard shell which contains the water). There you can find a soft point in the ...
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How to carry heavy plastic bags?

Especially when walking or cycling longer distances carrying a lot of groceries in plastic shopping bags can become quite irritating. Any hacks to optimize this?
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14 votes
17 answers

How to separate plastic grocery bags?

This is the worst nightmare of every man in the supermarket: opening a plastic grocery bag when you're in a hurry at the self service checkout and there are no helpful cashiers around to help you. And ...
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How to untie a plastic bag knot with your fingers

I have a plastic grocery bag, but the top is tied very tightly in a knot like the image below. I would prefer to not rip open the side of the bag because I would like to reuse it. I would use a ...
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